General repair and maintenance services include items such as timing belts, water pumps, charging system, brake relining, fuel pumps, tune-up, etc. We have scan tool computer diagnostic capabilities for most late model vehicles.

Special performance modifications include items such as aftermarket (or OEM) performance parts designed to enhance vehicle appeal, performance or safety. We can install body kits, bolt-on chassis or traction components, engine mechanical and ignition performance parts, supercharger and nitrous kits, exhaust header and fuel system upgrades, lowering or lift kits, add-on gauges and other electronic devices, safety equipment, etc. If you own a classic vehicle with no air conditioning, and an aftermarket kit is available, we can also install that for you. Generally speaking, if you have the parts, or know what you want and where to get it, we want to install them for you.

Services are provided for most models of Import and Domestic vehicles such as EFI & Carbureted Muscle / Performance Car, Sport Compact, Street Rod, Classic and Sport Truck.